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Varieties of tomatoes we have grown

Here are the few varieties of tomatoes we have successfully grown.


Brandywine heirloom tomatoesI received a retirement gift of some Burpee seeds for Brandywine tomatoes. I didn't realize when I planted them that this heirloom tomato has great flavor, and produces large slicer tomatoes that are as good canned as on a sandwich.

As for looks, well, Brandywine is all over the place - strange shapes with no consistency. Ah, but the flavors.


This paste tomato from Adaptive Seeds bears prolifically. It is indeterminate and will reach for the sky throughout the season. The tomatoes are very flavorful and can well. The larger fruit take quite a while to mature - the bottom part is deep red while the top can be bright green.

The shapes of the fruit varied from the typical, pear shape, to oval, just depending on the plant. For an indeterminate, paste tomato for canning Romalina is a good choice. The next time we grow tomatoes for canning I hope to find a determinate with a shorter season.

TPS Golden

TPS Gold has uniformly regular shapeThese tomatoes have a beautiful golden-orange color and perfect globe shape. Fruits vary in size from small to medium. They are one the most appetizing tomatoes we have grown. Flavor is a delicious, rich balance of sweetness and tanginess.

This wonder has survived severe frost, resisted late season blight, and has a will to live like no other tomato I have grown.

TPS Golden is a beautiful tomatoThis variety is much like Djena Lee's Golden Girl. I have no way of knowing if there is a relationship, however, the description fits our Golden to a T. We came across this variety on a fluke and are saving seeds and working to adapt it to our environments. What turned us on to this golden tomato was its hardiness (survived a killing frost) and its resistance to late season blight.

Golden is indeterminate and matures in about the same time as Brandywine and Romalina.

When I was saving seeds from TPS Golden I was amazed at how few seeds there were. These beautiful tomatoes have few seeds with lots of firm flesh. And did I mention they taste great!
Few seeds and lots of fleshLots of color and lots of flavor


We tried these in 2013 both on a hoop house and outside at home. Those outside were severely affected by late season blight even though we were careful about any exposure to other gardens. The fruit were medium and flavorful, but we didn't harvest enough to get a good picture about their suitability in our gardens.


We grew these in 2013. Korakik is a cherry tomato that has good flavor but a tough skin, which makes them less desirable for eating. They were prolific but like other varieties we grew that year they were subject to late season blight.

Super Lokota

These plants were making big, globe-shaped tomatoes, but taking so long to do it we never saw what one looked like when it was ripe. Supposedly, Lakota grows well up here in the Pacific Northwest, but where we grow the season wasn't long enough in 2013. These might do well in a hoop house or with the weather we had in 2014, but I think it might be tight.

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