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How grape plants grow, from Oregon State University.

See, from Lon Rombough, a grape growing expert in Oregon.

A good book: The Grape Grower by Lon Rombough.

Proper Methods for Pruning Grapevines, which shows hands-on, two approaches to pruning.

WSU Grapes and Vineyards, for info relevant to Washington State.

Growing Table Grapes a how-to guide from Oregon State University.

Seedless Grape Varieties at Cornell University.

European Grape Varieties at Cornell University.

Arkansas grape cultivars from University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research and Extension.

Sustainable weed management trial in western Washington from WSU.

Weed management - before and after planting.

Pacific Northwest nurseries website, from Lon Rombough, a grape growing expert in Oregon, offers a wide variety of grape canes for propagating.

Cloud Mountain Nursery in Everson, Washington offers a broad selection of grape cultivars.

Burnt Ridge Nursery in Onalaska, Washington has a limited offering of grape cultivars.]]

Raintree Nursery in Morton, Washington is well-known in the Pacific Northwest.

General information about growing fruit in western Washington

NW Fruit began as Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation (WWFRF), which was created in 1991 to help fund Tree Fruit Varietal Research conducted at the Washington State University Research and Extension Center (NWREC) located in Mount Vernon, WA.

Northwest Fruit is dedicated to supporting research and educating the public about the special fruit growing concerns of our Pacific Northwest.

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