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Canadice (Bath x Himrod). From Cornell University's Geneva, New York experiment station. One of the first second generation hybrids released. Produced in hopes of getting hardier seedless grapes.


Canadice is a hardy, seedless American variety, red, table grape. Ripening is early, though It may overbear. It is good in cool climates. The compact clusters of red berries are handsome, though berry size is small.

The firm fruit grows on long, large clusters. They ripen from mid-August through September. Maximum hardiness to -15 degrees F and zones 5-8.


Canadice are delightfully sweet and spicy, a mild labrusca flavor similar to Delaware.


Canadice ripens even in cool climates about four weeks before Concord. It is one of few that will ripen right on Puget Sound.

Under ideal conditions, Canadice is hardy to -20F, but if the vines are overcropped, canes may die back at temperatures above zero.


Canadice is less vigorous than other varieties, but extremely productive, so that it must be pruned to two bud spurs on cordons, and even then may need cluster thinning to prevent overcropping.

Prune these vines extensively to allow good wood maturity.


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