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I asked Kevin Matthew Murphy of WSU extension about growing quinoa. Here's what he said:

Quinoa prefers sandy loam to clay; it likes a well drained soil. But it can also grow in clay if that turns out to be your best option. Daves 407 and Red Head are two very nice varieties; Daves for it's heat tolerance and Red Head for its pre-harvest sprouting tolerance. Both do prefer the sandy loam soil.

I would avoid planing into lambsquarters if possible, unless you are fully committed to diligent and timely weeding. We've had good luck with our April 1 west side plantings, so I'd shoot for around then. Either seeding or transplanting works; if transplanting however, be sure to not let the quinoa get root bound.

So it appears that planting at the farm with its clay soil may be iffy. However, some things have grown so well there I expect to give it a try if the soil becomes dry enough soon enough.

Photos of quiinoa

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