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Two years ago I had no idea what a tomatillo was. Maybe a little tomato?

Yes, there's a similarity, but when it comes to producing fruit, a tomatillo plant has run away with the numbers compared to our tomatoes anyway.


An unknown variety of tomatilloOur introduction to the tomatillo came at a gardener's meeting where someone had some extra plants. We took two and put them with our tomatoes. These freebies grew like they could take over the world and their bright green leaves and yellow flowers added a flourish of color to the garden.

Lots of tomatillos

Luckily we knew of the local food pantry, where we became regular contributors. Bucket after bucket throughout the summer and through September. Luckily, lots of people who came to the pantry appreciate tomatillos.

As for us, we made jar after jar of green salsa, red salsa, mild salsa spicy salsa along with the peppers fro our hoop house.

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