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Winter squash

I didn't do pumpkins of any variety this year. I grow healthy, nutrient-dense, organic food not decor, which is how most people treat pumpkins.


I grew two varieties of winter squash, Resistant Early Bush Acorn (REBA), an acorn squash, and a spaghetti squash, both from High Mowing Seeds. Both germinated quickly and well, and grew into robust plants.

I transplanted four of each variety, which was enough to produce well for personal storage and donation to the food banks.

The unusually hot and dry weather during June and July inhibited production of these winter squash. By mid-July there were few new fruits. But with the arrival of cooler August temperatures, both renewed fruit production.

Healthy plants

Whether from the re-mineralization, the greenhouse germination of the seeds or the foliar sprays, the plants appeared vibrant and unusually health, judging from the leaves. They had rich color and a thick appearance through most of the season.

Production (acorn squash)

The REBA acorn squash ripened quickly enough that they were ready by the time I harvested to plant the winter cover crop. And there were a lot of them.

Production (spaghetti squash)

With the cooler August temperatures the plants put on lots of new fruit. However, these took way longer to mature.

I harvested the last squash in mid-September, when I needed to plant the crimson clover winter cover crop. I realize that normally one lets the winter squash wither on the vine into the fall but the necessity to plant the cover crop in time for it to establish itself led me to an early harvest. (Out with the old! Prepare for the new!)

Powdery mildew

In my garden powdery mildew is always present, so I took measures throughout the growing season to minimize its presence and effects. The spaghetti squash were the first of all the cucurbits to succumb to the fungus as soon as August's cloudy and cool weather veiled the sun. However, the acorn squash appeared to be immune - or perhaps, more fortified by my milk and fertilizer sprays.

Next year

I'd choose the REBA across squash next year but I would look for another winter squash (other than pumpkins).

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