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Grape varieties


I began rooting canes from vines cut from the same area as the Farm vineyard. These had shown vigor among weeds and without any attention (watering or pruning) whatever. I assumed they were adapted to the soil, climate and conditions. So I have no idea what their variety is.

Some were dark and with seeds like Concords. Some were pink/red and seedless. Both types flourished in the new location.


I received two vines from a friend, not knowing their variety. They were local to the Snoqualmie valley and turned out to be a Concord-style variety. One of these proved to be a good producer even during its second year in the ground.


In 2018 I purchased two varieties from, Interlake and Reliance. I rooted them in the greenhouse and transplanted them in 2019. Of the ten canes I attempted to root, only six made it to transplanting. Neither of these produced grapes during their first year so I wasn't able to identify which vine was which variety.


This is a "white" grape. During its second year one did produce grapes, but they seemed to have a scale or pattern that was distracting and they are very small. It's "wait and see" on whether these will continue in a vineyard here.


This is a red grape. I'm not sure any of these survived a variety of hazards. They may not be well adapted to the clay soil and the climate here in the Pacific Northwest.

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