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Caring for tools


I keep all my tools sharpened. Work goes quicker and easier with sharp tools.

A shovel with a curved blade depends on its edge to easily penetrate tough soil, roots and other materials. Keep this edge sharp with regular cleaning and sharpening. Use a large file and match the angle of the file with the bevel on the blade, generally about a 30 degree angle to help the shovel keep its edge.

And don't leave good garden tools out in the weather where the wood dries out and the metal rusts!

For the blade of my scythe I use sharpening stones to maintain a keen edge.

Sealing wood handles

Sealing with Linseed oil brings out the beauty - and protects!Regular maintenance of wood handles by sealing with Linseed oil reduces the drying effects of moisture and sunlight and brings out their natural beauty.

For details seethis article on Mother Earth News.

During the off season I mix Linseed oil and paint thinner in equal parts and apply several light coats to the wooden handles of my tools. Linseed oil dries very slowly so I do this in warmer weather in a dry area.

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